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making your home smell incredible


I love these products- the scents are really amazing. It’s always so nice to get natural products that look and smell so good and my order came so quickly. All the scents are fab but my favourite is citrus and basil.

Jackie Booth

Thank you so much for my gorgeous candle melts!! They are Devine!!! Love the smell! Love the packaging!!! Excellent delivery speedy service! Highly recommend xx

Lisa Whitehouse

Beautiful, simple, natural products. Clean, fresh fragrances which are exquisite. Quite often highly fragranced melts and candles can aggravate headaches but this has never been the case when using these products. I highly recommend them and look forward to trying all fragrances.

Lucy Stanley

Lovely candles, beautifully packaged and I love knowing that my money isn’t going to a heartless corporation who don’t care about their customers. Delivery was super fast considering I ordered at such a busy time of year. Can’t wait to work my way through the collection.

Lauren Imrith

Beautiful products. Great quality and a real treat for the senses! Lovely combination of fragrances. Would totally recommend.

Katherine Prince



Thank you for visiting Joe and Anna Marketplace! My aim is to sell beautiful designs for print and luxury, affordable, sustainable candles with serious scents to fill your home. I believe that candles and good design, shouldn’t be saved for special occasions – they should be an everyday luxury. Joe and Anna Marketplace is the home of a collection of candles and print that hopefully meet and delight you for all of your occasions. The apothecary styled, beautifully designed, affordable, sustainable candles, have a serious scent, which will hopefully provide something for everyone– all at prices you will love.


Soy wax is fairly new to the candle market – it is a 100% natural wax made from the oil of soy beans and is a renewable resource. Soy wax burns much slower than paraffin wax and has a beautiful scent throw too. It is called a clean burn as nothing nasty is released as it burns. Coconut wax is derived from coconut oil that goes through a process of hydrogenation. The coconut wax does not smell of coconuts, it has a neutral, natural wax scent.


“People may doubt what I say, but will believe what they smell.”

Trust me, the scents are incredible!

Find your scent….what’s your favourite? The thing with selling candles online is that they can’t be smelt!!! Potential problem when starting out. Once you have smelt them though, I’m confident that you will be back for more. As a way of treating your senses to these sensational scents, I’m offering a box of 8 melts for the price of £18, instead of singularly for £3 each. Trial them all, to find your favourite. Head to the website to order.

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