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  • Aromatherapy: Your solution to aches and joint pain this winter

    During the winter months, we all need that little extra TLC. Flu, colds and sickness bugs are rife and with those illnesses come aches and pains. However, you needn’t have to suffer. Whether you’re battling a winter bug or you’re just feeling a little tired and rundown, aromatherapy and essential oils can help. Found within some of my scented candles, and other types of skincare and body-care products, here's some tips and ideas of power products to sort you out!
  • Bed and bathroom candles: The Joe and Anna Collection

    If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of a space, a luxury scented candle could make a real difference. My scented candles not only look good, they smell great too – and we’ve got a scent for every room. In today’s blog, we’re revealing the best scents for the bedroom and bathroom. So, whether you’re looking for something fresh or a scent that promises pure romance, you’ll find it here…
  • Using candles as home accents

    With my luxury scented candles, you get so much more than a beautiful fragrance. My candles can also enhance your home, adding to and improving the style of a room while setting the mood. In fact, the perks of a Joe and Anna scented candle are endless and a great way to add an accent to your home.

    How to use your Joe and Anna scented candles at home.

  • Dysphonia and Aphonia

    A few weeks ago, I referenced my voice, and how it contributed to the launch of Joe and Anna. I said that I would shed some insight into my condition, as lots of people have never heard of Dysphonia. So here we go.
  • A quick look at my seasonal scents

    With Autumn now in full swing, and having just re-launched my seasonal scents, I thought it was about time to take a look the ingredients that these melts uses to transport your senses.
  • My recipe for the perfect relaxing evening!

    Scheduling in a carefree, chill out evening is more important than you might think. With our busy lives and day-to-day stresses, it’s important to unwind in order to stay health and happy. At Joe & Anna, we believe that you should come first – which is why our product range is full of treats you deserve. From our luxury scented candles to our divine stoneware burners and melts, we’ve got plenty of products to help you relax.
  • What to Do with Old Candle Jars!

    You’ve burned every last drop of wax of that gorgeous scented candle — now what? If you’re a serious candle-aholic like me, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got a growing pile of these empty candle jars lying around the house and it feels like a shame to throw them away. Luckily, I can help you figure out what to do with old glass candle jars so you can preserve them and display them in whole host of new ways!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Candle Scent to Gift (or keep)

    Scents are so important to humans. Our brains make fascinating connections between aromas, memories and emotions. A certain perfume might bring about memories of your father. The smell of cinnamon might evoke memories of mum baking a cake on a Sunday morning. Our olfactory nerves play an important role in what we think about and how we feel.
  • Why we love Lavender...

    While reminiscent of lavender fields, my lavender-scented candle and other products, deliver a whole lot of other perks alongside smelling good. In terms of aromatherapy benefits, it’s probably one of the best scents to go for. Lavender ensures a sense of wellbeing, promoting good sleep and relaxation – helping you feel good, day and night.
  • Hygge! (pronounced Hoo-guh or Hoo-ga)

    Hygge (pronounced Hoo-guh or Hoo-ga)...ever googled it before? I certainly have as it seems to be a bit of a buzz word of late.
  • Ways to re-use your scented candle wax!

    Ever wondered what to do with all your old bits of scented candle wax after your wick has burnt down?
  • Hello everyone!

    Good morning. How is everyone? Hope you are all keeping well? I can't believe that it's October tomorrow!! The year is going so fast now. It seems that since we have gone back to a bit more normality, time has speeded up! Anyone else feel that way?