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Making scents of Spring fragrances!

As an expert in fragrances, what do you think makes a scent perfect for spring?

A spring fragrance is something really special that has to lift your spirits after a long winter. Opt for scents that are fresh, clean, light and bright to really blow away any remaining winter blues and put a spring in your step!

What kinds of feelings should a good spring fragrance evoke?

There’s so much potential in a really good spring fragrance. This is the kind of scent that should be evocative of all kinds of wonderful things that we associate with spring: new beginnings, optimism and a bubbly sense of underlying excitement…like you’re waiting for something good to happen!

Spring is traditionally seen as a time for light, fresh florals. Do fans of spice and musk have to adapt, or is there a middle ground?

Not at all, no! At the end of the day, if you’re a big fan of spicy or musky scents, something totally different may never be your cup of tea. The trick is, then, to move from the heavier spice and musks to something a little more season appropriate – something lighter and fresher, that can still have those rich, warm notes.

When it comes to fragrances for the home, Bergamot & Amber as well as Fig & Vetiver are really good choices for musky addicts looking for a lighter, gentler touch for the spring and summer. Both of these scents are perfect for a spicy spring/summer season – think warm nights watching the stars come out, or sun-baked evening walks in the woods.

Bergamot & Amber is a beautiful, balmy scent inspired by days and nights spent by the ocean. The heart of rich amber and the addition of exotic coconut create a pure escape to paradise and make this one of our best selling fragrances, whilst Fig & Vetiver is a rich and earthy favourite. This has all the qualities of an uplifting scent with a sophisticated edge to allow the luxury of winding down. This fragrance oozes Tuscan warmth – prepare to transform the atmosphere of your room!

Which are your three favourite Joe and Anna scents for spring, and why?

Tough decision because, of course, everyone’s tastes will differ. But for me, these are (in no particular order!) the fragrances in our range that just shout “Spring!”:

Lemongrass & Ginger- Inspired by days spent relaxing at your favourite spa – this magnetic scent is warm and fresh with just the right amount of spice thanks to the pairing of nutmeg and ginger. A relaxing pleaser.

Wild Mint- A stunning true to life scent – the raw, herbal freshness of wild mint on a balmy day. The perfectly balanced amount of mint give this fragrance a clean vibe that works well in kitchens and utility rooms. 

Citrus & Basil- Bright, fresh and one of our strongest and most invigorating scents. An enticing medley of zestiness captured in a timeless fragrance. 

Katy xx



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