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Reed Diffusers: The Perfect Way to Fragrance Your Office

Here at Joe and Anna, we’re all about fabulous fragrances – as our fans will already know! Our scented candles come in a wide selection of stunning blends, making them perfect for relaxing and revitalising, soothing or sprucing up!

While many of our customers love the way our fragrances transform their homes, this week we’re looking at how a Joe and Anna fragrance could bring something beautiful to your office…

Add a touch of class to your office…

One of the great things about having your own office is the fact that you can decorate it how you want it, and make it an environment that will help you to produce your best work.  But, with health and safety guidelines being an important part of any workplace, you’ll find that candles just aren’t the best idea when you’re surrounded by paper!

Fear not, though: Joe and Anna has the perfect, health and safety-approved alternative: our stunning Reed Diffusers.

No flames involved

Our elegant reed diffusers are a safe alternative to our lovely scented candles.  Not only are you eliminating the risk of a fire, you’ll also be doing your furniture a favour – wax from a nudged or knocked-over candle is no fun at all to remove from a carpet or wooden furniture.

What’s more, reed diffusers are also very environmentally friendly, making them a great natural alternative to electrical powered diffusers, which often feature harsh chemical scents.

Create the mood you need…

Joe and Anna's scented reed diffusers are available in a wide variety of fragrances blended from top quality oils, giving them wonderfully therapeutic properties. If you’re looking to de-stress or you’re having a tense meeting with a colleague or client and are looking to set a calm environment, or if you’re struggling to concentrate and need to feel energised, our beautiful blends can help.

With a natural, earthy element, reed diffusers make a chic decoration for your office.  Place one on the windowsill, coffee table or even your desk for a simple way to add some colour, class and style to your office décor. Reed diffusers have a very luxurious element, without the price tag to match.  Joe and Anna has a fantastic range of reed diffusers in desirable scents all at an affordable price, which means that you can infuse your office with beautiful, natural fragrances for weeks on end, even if you’re on a tight budget.

If you’re searching for way to give your office a delightfully scented boost, there’s no better and safer way to do it than with a reed diffuser.  Check out our Reed Diffusers for more great fragrances and ideas for invigorating your personal work environment.

Which scented reed diffuser would perk up your workplace? Tell us in the comments below...


Katy xx

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