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Using candles as home accents

With my luxury scented candles, you get so much more than a beautiful fragrance. My candles can also enhance your home, adding to and improving the style of a room while setting the mood. In fact, the perks of a Joe and Anna scented candle are endless and a great way to add an accent to your home.

How to use your Joe and Anna scented candles at home.

Using candles to help theme your home for the season

Candles can help to theme your home for the season – whether it’s summer or winter. The trick is to pick a scented candle filled with ingredients to complement the season. For autumn, pick my Fig & Vetiver, with it's rich and earthy aroma. This has all the qualities of an uplifting scent with a sophisticated edge to allow the luxury of winding down. This fragrance oozes Tuscan warmth – prepare to transform the atmosphere of your room, and for winter, why not try my seasonal wax melts or Blackcurrant & Tuberose? I also have lots of lovely choices for the warmer months too...Lemongrass & Ginger, or Citrus & Basil to name a few.

Candles can make a space more inspiring

A scented candle will make a living space more inspiring. We can’t exactly explain why, but there’s just something special about their warm and welcoming flame.

Adding a peaceful touch to your living space with candle scents

Looking for some Zen in your life? A scented candle is a great aid in meditation and can help you relax and unwind after a long, hard day. The lighting of a candle helps to make your practice more soothing and can turn a room into a relaxing retreat.

Personalise your living space with Joe and Anna scented candles

Although I've mentioned scented candles that complement the season, you needn’t pick a seasonal scent. If you want to personalise your living space, why not pick a scent that’s truly you? Would that be musky/ woody, or fruity or citrus? The choice of scent is yours.

Using Candles to transform a space

If you want to transform a space, a scented candle is your answer. Whether you want something lively, romantic or still, a scented candle can fill the air with fragrance to set the mood.

Add the finishing touch to your décor with luxury candle fragrances

A scented candle is also a perfect home accessory and great for adding to your décor. They’re pretty to look at – whether lit up or not – and have the added benefit of smelling good too. Choose an array of our candles for a room that’s rustic in style or pick one scented candle for simplicity in hallways or bedrooms.

If you’re looking for subtle fragrance without the statement candle, why not try one of my Reed Diffusers? Available in a selection of my popular scents, you’re guaranteed 24-hour fragrance.

Which of our scented candles are a must in your home? Let me know in the comments below...

Love Katy xx

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