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Ways to re-use your scented candle wax!

Ever wondered what to do with all your old bits of scented candle wax after your wick has burnt down?

Here’s my guide on what to do with any left over candle wax, despite not getting any from my candles!

  1. Create your very own, brand new candle!
  2. Lubricate a sticky drawer or squeaky door hinge.
  3. Infuse your home with the final lingering scents.
  4. Seal up shoelace frays.
  5. Seal your letters with a personal touch.
  6. Decorate your mantelpiece with candle wax ornaments.
  7. Incorporate it into a handmade project!

Ready to read on?

1. Up-cycle…Make a new, unique candle

It’s easy…simply find a candle mould, like a glass or mug, and add your own wick, hanging it over the mould so it reaches the bottom. Then, gather together your old pieces of scented candle wax, melt them together and pour it into the mould, letting it cool for about six hours.

2. Fix that sticking draw

Want to finally fix that drawer that’s being annoying you for months? Try rubbing your leftover candle wax wherever the wood slides. You’ll be surprised how easily the drawers move around afterwards.

3. Leave a pleasant lingering aroma in your room

Put your left over wax in a heavy glass jar, and then place on a radiator. When the wax melts, it leaves a lovely aroma in the room.

4. Fix your shoelaces

When the ends of your shoelaces start to fray, you may be tempted to get some new ones to make your shoes look new again. But there is another solution…dripping hot wax onto the ends of the shoelaces and rolling them between your fingers will help will fix them.

7. Seal your letters the old fashioned way

Add a personal touch to the art of letter writing simply by pressing hot scented candle wax. The method can also be used for added elegance with wedding invitations.

8. Scented candle wax ornaments

Making wax ornaments is a fun way to get the whole family involved in decorating your home for special occasions. It’s an easy, creative and unique activity that will quickly become a family tradition.

9. Get creative

Finally, if you love art and design, you can use the left over scented candle wax for a new project.


Katy xx

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