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Why we love Lavender...

Why we love Lavender...
While reminiscent of lavender fields, my lavender-scented candle and other products, deliver a whole lot of other perks alongside smelling good. In terms of aromatherapy benefits, it’s probably one of the best scents to go for. Lavender ensures a sense of wellbeing, promoting good sleep and relaxation – helping you feel good, day and night.
The benefits include:
1. An aid for headaches and migraines.
The calming effect of lavender is great for headaches and migraines. These common conditions are usually related to nervous tension and emotional stress, symptoms which lavender has been proven to tackle.
2. A remedy for stress and insomnia.
Lavender has the ability to help you switch off and relax – ideal for those of you finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Start using my Lavender scented candle as part of your bedtime routine. You might want to burn the fragrance in your bedroom to ensure you get your zzz’s.
3. A tonic for anxiety and depression.
Many of our health, wellness and emotional problems relate to anxiety and depression – which lavender can help to treat. Lavender is known to remove nervous exhaustion and helps you to relax.
So, whether you’re feeling stressed at work, struggling to switch off at the end of the night, or going through a particularly stressful period in life, choose Lavender. It may be exactly what you need.
Katy xx

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