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  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Candle Scent to Gift (or keep)

    Scents are so important to humans. Our brains make fascinating connections between aromas, memories and emotions. A certain perfume might bring about memories of your father. The smell of cinnamon might evoke memories of mum baking a cake on a Sunday morning. Our olfactory nerves play an important role in what we think about and how we feel.
  • Why we love Lavender...

    While reminiscent of lavender fields, my lavender-scented candle and other products, deliver a whole lot of other perks alongside smelling good. In terms of aromatherapy benefits, it’s probably one of the best scents to go for. Lavender ensures a sense of wellbeing, promoting good sleep and relaxation – helping you feel good, day and night.
  • Hygge! (pronounced Hoo-guh or Hoo-ga)

    Hygge (pronounced Hoo-guh or Hoo-ga)...ever googled it before? I certainly have as it seems to be a bit of a buzz word of late.
  • Ways to re-use your scented candle wax!

    Ever wondered what to do with all your old bits of scented candle wax after your wick has burnt down?
  • Hello everyone!

    Good morning. How is everyone? Hope you are all keeping well? I can't believe that it's October tomorrow!! The year is going so fast now. It seems that since we have gone back to a bit more normality, time has speeded up! Anyone else feel that way?