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My bespoke, hand-made, natural, stoneware pebbles, are a perfect match for my reed diffuser oil. They are truly organic in nature and will last forever, just needing a couple of drops of scented oil every few days. Designed by Joe and Anna and hand crafted to perfection, to create unique drawer or car fresheners. No two pebbles will be the same. Each will have its own distinguishing features. Very rustic/ organic in nature and come packaged in my branded hessian sacks. The pebbles are handmade for me by my highly skilled Potter with over forty years experience. I sell natural wax products, but wanted to include pottery to compliment my range. I was unable to source the right products so decided to find a crafts person to make bespoke items for me. No two are the same, and I encourage the Potter to be creative and go with her artistic instincts. I am never disappointed. The pebbles are an ideal gift that comes packaged in a cool, quirky, beautiful hessian sack, that can be reused. Essential oil diffuser for your desktop, car, drawer, wardrobe, desktop. Hand crafted miniature stoneware pebbles. This would not only look adorable and decorative on your desktop but work perfectly with your essential oils as well. Simply apply the oils onto the surface of the clay and enjoy the scent and the benefits of the oils all day.

A kiln fired diffuser is a piece of porous clay used as the means to disperse essential oil into the air. One drop of undiluted oil is usually all that is needed at a time as this small amount will saturate into the piece.
Once the clay no longer gives off the desired fragrance, refresh it by adding another drop of oil.
For the strongest scent, and greatest therapeutic benefit, add one drop a day.
IMPORTANT: Soaking your porous piece (or any material, wood, felt, lava etc.) daily with oil will cause the pores to clog and the piece will lose its absorbing quality.
In order to enjoy your diffuser for the longest time please do not apply more than 1-2 drops of oil per day.
If you want to change the oil that is on the diffuser, wait until most of the original scent has evaporated away (usually 2 or 3 days).
Then apply the next one. Some scents blend nicely with each other so that applying a second oil on top of the first will work fine.

Make sure the oil is fully absorbed prior to use. As long as the oil is completely absorbed it will not stain clothing when worn.


Dimension: 3-5 cm diameter.
Your pebble will look like the picture but can not be identical because we will choose it randomly among all the pebbles, so we can not guarantee a specific colour and design.
Oil diffuser, Aroma Diffuser, aromatic pebble mottled pattern, for Essential Oil and Fragrance, handmade, 5cm, natural. Earthenware, Ceramic, Earth, Clay, natural peppers

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