Bespoke, mid-century modernist, hand-made, natural, stoneware dishes

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Bespoke, mid-century modernist, hand-made, natural, stoneware dishes. Designed by Joe and Anna and hand crafted to perfection, to create unique items. No two dishes will be the same. Each will have its own distinguishing features. Made from stoneware that is dishwasher proof, oven proof, and will withstand any indoor/ outdoor temperature. Very rustic/ organic in nature and come packaged in my branded hessian sacks. The dishes are handmade for me by my highly skilled Potter with over forty years experience. I sell natural wax products, but wanted to include pottery to compliment my range. I was unable to source the right products so decided to find a crafts person to make bespoke items for me. No two are the same, and I encourage the Potter to be creative and go with her artistic instincts. I am never disappointed. The dishes are an ideal gift that come packaged in a cool, quirky, beautiful hessian sack, that can be reused.